Why do I need an eye exam if I don’t need glasses?

We are all born with different types of vision. Some of us are nearsighted, some farsighted, and some of us have astigmatism. When you see just fine, you may not think a comprehensive vision exam is necessary. But before making such a hasty decision I hope you will keep reading to learn more about why an eye exam is still very important.

As a primary care optometrist, here are my top 5 reasons why everyone should get there annual comprehensive eye examination:

1. There are eye diseases and problems that do not cause blurry vision: Most notable is diabetes. Diabetes can cause retinopathy, which is a problem with the retina of the eye that can eventually lead to blindness. Mild to moderate diabetic retinopathy often does not cause any blurry vision. It is important to note that the blurred vision from diabetic retinopathy is completely different from the glasses prescription. In other words, someone who does not need glasses at all can still be affected by diabetic retinopathy.

Similarly, an individual with vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy cannot be prescribed glasses to help them see better. The sad thing is that if people with diabetes wait until their vision is blurry due to retinopathy, the damage can be irreversible. So, it is best to come for your annual examination to help prevent permanent vision loss. Sometimes optometrists are the health care provider who first informs the patient that they may have diabetes and refer for diagnostic testing. Our caring optometrists at Mesa Eye Care are pleased to offer dilation, retinal photography and ocular coherence tomography to provide extra thorough diagnostic and therapeutic examination of your eyes.

2. How can you know if your baby’s vision is clear? If your baby is developing normally, yes, this is a good indication that your baby’s vision is also developing properly.

However, this is not always the case. Amblyopia is a problem with vision development that is often only detected by a comprehensive eye examination. An optometrist will perform tests differently on your baby to get the necessary information and determine the level of your baby’s vision without the patient (your baby) needing to respond to,
“Which is better: 1 or 2?” Retinoscopy is the most common way optometrists obtain this information. It is recommended that your baby’s first comprehensive eye exam be between 6-12 months of age. At Mesa Eye Care, we are happy to see all ages, including infants and children. We are InfantSEE providers. nfantsee.org.

3. We want you to see clear and comfortable. There are many people who see clear, but deal with eye strain. Especially in a world now full of display screens of all sizes, eye discomfort is becoming much more common. Optometrists can determine if glasses or contact lenses may alleviate your eye strain. Computer or activity-specific glasses prescriptions, 20/20/20 rule, non-glare lens enhancements, and sometimes even blue light protective lens enhancements are common solutions to eye strain.

4. What kind of vision did your grandma and grandpa have? Many eye conditions are hereditary. So, even with clear vision today, if your grandma had macular degeneration, you will benefit from an annual comprehensive eye examination to detect any signs of macular degeneration in your eyes. As macular degeneration is another eye disease that can lead to blindness, early diagnosis promotes better treatment. Annual retina photographs provide a very thorough way of monitoring for macular degeneration.

5. What is the best way to maintain healthy eyes and vision throughout your whole life? At your annual comprehensive eye examination, you have the perfect opportunity to to ask questions about your vision and eye health and discuss lifestyle habits that will promote optimal eye health. At Mesa Eye Care, we cultivate a professional environment where there is sufficient time in your examination to answer your questions and discuss prevention. With the variety of advanced technology instrumentation available, detailed illustrations of each person’s eye condition are possible.

So, don’t put your eye exam of any longer. Please call or visit our webpage to schedule an appointment today. At Mesa Eye Care we look forward to helping you See Well, Feel Well, and Live Well.