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Ortho-K Nuts and Bolts

I’m Dr. Destin, and I love Orthokeratology (Ortho-K)! Not only do I have a passion to provide Ortho-K to others, but I have also been blessed to wear these night lenses personally for about 20 years. But even though Ortho-K (AKA Corneal Refractive Therapy CRT) is not...

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What? Comprehensive vision exam for my baby? Why?

By Destin D. Whipple, OD October 21, 2021 But my baby’s eyes get checked at birth, right? Yes, the eyes are a part of the pediatrician’s examination at birth. Many ocular problems are caught at that time. However, problems with vision development are not always...

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NEARSIGHTEDNESS (MYOPIA) Throughout the world, there has been a recent increase in the number of people who are nearsighted. Perhaps you know someone who is nearsighted. Maybe you have symptoms of nearsightedness yourself. Chances are becoming more and more likely...

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Why do I need an eye exam if I don’t need glasses?

We are all born with different types of vision. Some of us are nearsighted, some farsighted, and some of us have astigmatism. When you see just fine, you may not think a comprehensive vision exam is necessary. But before making such a hasty decision I hope you will...

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